Английский язык (11 класс)

Соедините части предложений:
Although lending tacit support to its historical ally, Serbia, Russia stood aside
In 2002, Bush withdrew the U.S. from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
Under Putin, Russia became more assertive in international affairs than it had been under his predecessor;
During the presidencies of Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush,
the U.S. and Russia began to have more serious disagreements.
in order to move forward with plans for a missile defense system.
under Bush, the U.S. took an increasingly unilateral course in its foreign policy, particularly in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.
and did not attempt to block U.S./NATO military interventions in Bosnia and Kosovo during the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s.
Определите президентов США
W. Churchill
That act used two different terms to describe the new all island nation, a 'United Kingdom' and the 'Kingdom of Great ________'.
______English won the naval battle handily.
It has a very extensive collection, including many thousand original records, relating ____ every aspect of London history and topography.
The south-east of Scotland was colonised by the _______ and formed, until 1018, a part of the Kingdom of Northumbria.
She used the various factions, playing one off another until the exhausted combatants came to her for resolution of _______ grievances.
Great Britain went on to become a rich 'Great Power' in the 19th and 20th ________.
Определите штаты США
San Fransisco
South Dakota
Определите штаты США
Washington D.C.
Historically, the flag was used throughout the former British ________.
Соедините части предложений:
During the 19th century, Russian and
Earlier contacts had occurred
In 1698, Peter the Great and William Penn had met in London, and in 1763 a Boston merchant had anchored
The relations between the two states are usually considered to have begun in 1776, when the United States
his ship at the port of Kronstadt after a direct transatlantic voyage.
American frontiers met in Alaska.
between Americans and Russians.
declared its independence from the British Empire and became a state.
Dickens was a great lover of pubs and on this walk we follow ______ his footsteps around inns and taverns of old London.
Установите соответствия между английскими и русскими эквивалентами
premium ticket
билет по более высокой цене
зрительный зал
сеть дорог, линий сообщения
Установите соответствия между английскими и русскими эквивалентами
громкий, пронзительный крик; вопль
выдержка, извлечение, цитата; выбирать отрывки, делать выписки, выдержки;
пародист; самозванец; человек, выдающий себя за кого-то другого
приклеивать, склеивать; заклеивать
In 1707, an _____ of Union joined both parliaments.
A vast empire, covering one quarter of the globe emerged after the Industrial Revolution, under the reign of Queen ________.
Brittannia or Brittānia was the name used by the Romans from the 1st century _____for the British Isles taken together.
Установите соответствия между английскими и русскими эквивалентами
господство; влияние; преобладание
ныряние, погружение
праздничный, веселый
бунт, восстание, мятеж
Соедините части предложений:
The Soviet Union countered with the Warsaw Pact,
Relations between the United States of America and the Russian Federation
They accomplished this most notably through the formation of NATO
Relations between the two nations improved after the collapse,
which had similar results with the Eastern Bloc.
since 1991 began after the demise of the Soviet Union .
but have recently become more tense.
which was basically a mutual defense agreement.
Соедините части предложений:
During the 19th century, Russian and
In 1900, Russia and America were
They defeated the Boxer rebels in the
Russia had colonized
Qing Empire.
American frontiers met in Alaska.
allied during the Boxer Rebellion.
In the sphere of visual art London can supply any visitor ______ vast range of emotions.
Discover places ______ Dickens lived and worked, little changed since his day.
How do museums and libraries help _______ educate children?
_______ associated with Great Britain – such as Britain or British – generally are used as short forms for the United Kingdom or its citizens respectively.
Раскройте скобки: Since Newton's time, figures from the UK (contribute) to the development of most major branches of science.
Since the union of 1707, the entire island has been one political unit, first as the Kingdom of Great Britain, later as part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and ___________.
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Раскройте скобки: Isaac Newton is most famous for (realize) that the same force is responsible for movements of celestial and terrestrial bodies, that is gravity.
Раскройте скобки: Charles Darwin is the author of On the Origin of Species and (discover) of the principle of evolution by natural selection
To speakers of Germanic languages, the Britons were called _______.
Установите соответствия между английскими и русскими эквивалентами
Order of the Garter
Order of Merit
Order of the Thirstle
the Royal Maundry
королевская милостыня
орден Чертополоха
орден “За заслуги”
орден Подвязки
Установите соответствия между английскими и русскими эквивалентами
on the balcony
upper middle class
evening performance
вечерний спектакль
соперничество; конкуренция, соревнование, состязание
на балконе
крупная буржуазия
Соедините части предложений:
The United States viewed the Soviet Union as a pariah state during its nascent years and did not extend full diplomatic relations
The alliance of the United States, the United Kingdom,
But when Germany invaded the Soviet Union during World War II,
When the United States joined the war in December 1941, $11,000,000,000
until November 16, 1933 during Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration — the last Western power to do so.
in Lend Lease aid was allocated to the Soviet Union .
most Americans became sympathetic to the Soviet cause.
and the Soviet Union led to the defeat of Nazi Germany.
In London the ________Museum is an almost incomparable introduction to Egyptian, Greek, and Roman arts in all their branches, from pottery to sculpture.
After the fall of the Roman Empire, over a period of 500 years, the Britons of the south and east of the island of Britain became assimilated by colonizing Germanic _________.
There are great treasures dispersed in private collections throughout the country; the ________’s collection is the most valuable among them.
Установите соответствия между английскими и русскими эквивалентами
Industrial Revolution
промышленный переворот, промышленная революция
четвертичный период, антропоген ( последняя современная система кайнозоя )
(приблизительное) местонахождение
продвигающийся, идущий вперед; вперед, впереди; далее, дальше
Elizabeth, "Gloriana," the last of the Tudors, died without leaving ______ heir.
Установите соответствия между английскими и русскими эквивалентами
ruling elite
падение, спад, упадок; конец
бунт, восстание, мятеж
господство; влияние; преобладание
правящая элита
Установите соответствия между английскими и русскими эквивалентами
potato famine
краткая (авто) биография
попытка, старание; стремление
главный герой; главное действующее лицо в пьесе, литературном произведении
острая нехватка картофеля
Recession _______ eminent again in 2001, especially with the September 11, 2001 attacks.
had become
has become
After irrefutable evidence of Mary's involvement in the plots came to light, Elizabeth sadly succumbed to the pressure from her advisors and had the Scottish princess ______ in 1587.
Visit the Old _______ shop and the office where Charles worked at the age of fifteen.
What library was destroyed in Great _______ of London?
Установите соответствия между английскими и русскими эквивалентами
to dedicate, inscribe a book
to review a book
to edit a book
to bring out, publish, put out a book
опубликовать произведение
издать книгу
сделать обзор какого-л. издания
посвятить книгу кому-л.
Fashion and education came to the fore because ______ Elizabeth's penchant for knowledge, courtly behavior and extravagant dress.
Соедините части предложений:
The United States and the Soviet Union engaged in a conventional and
The United States extended the Marshall Plan to the Soviet Union but under such terms the Americans knew the Soviets
After Germany's defeat, the United States sought to help
The Soviet Union detonated its first atomic weapon in 1949,
nuclear arms race that persisted until the collapse of the Soviet Union.
would never accept, namely, the acceptance of free elections not characteristic of Stalinist communism.
its Western European allies economically with the Marshall Plan.
ending the United States' monopoly on nuclear weapons.
Соедините части предложений:
The relations between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics succeed the relations between
During World War I, the United States
The Russian Civil War started in 1918, and the Americans aided
Full diplomatic relations between the two countries were
the anti-communists forces, however, they failed and the Soviet Union was established in 1922.
allied with Russia in 1917.
established late due to U.S. hostility towards communism.
the Russian Empire and the United States and predate the post-Soviet Russo-United States relations.
Установите соответствия между английскими и русскими эквивалентами
образы, мысли, представления
главный герой; главное действующее лицо в пьесе, литературном произведении
краткая (авто) биография