Англ. Деловой иностранный язык (магистр)

Подберите эквиваленты:
school accreditation
Higher Attestation Commission
passing-out examinations/ finals
высшая аттестационная комиссия
сдача выпускных экзаменов
аккредитация школы
Подберите эквиваленты:
obligatory education
to cope with
легко ладить с
подростковый возраст
обязательное образование
Выберите возможные варианты: They come to understand the necessity _____ well, to get practical experience of work and to get deep knowledge in different fields of science.
Studies in
to study
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: The word pedagogy comes from the Greek and literally _________ “to lead the child”. (to mean)
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: Around the world teachers are often _________ to obtain specialized education and knowledge, codes of ethics and internal monitoring. (to require)
Выберите возможные варианты: The school year in the United Kingdom is generally divided into three terms running from autumn to summer. For state schools, the school year consists of 195 days _________ there are 190 teaching days and 5 INSET teacher training days.
among which
of which
on which
at which
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: Another model of upbringing is dictation. When parents are always _________ and demanding. Adults suppress the child’s initiative. (to repress)
Подберите эквиваленты:
basis of preschool education
нарушитель порядка
основы дошкольного воспитания
Соедините части предложений
In education, a teacher is one who helps students or pupils, often in a school,
For independent schools, the school year
In England and Wales,
The structure of the school year varies between the constituent countries of
as well as in a family, religious or community setting.
can be as short as 175 days.
the United Kingdom with school holiday dates varying between local education authorities.
the school year generally runs from early September to mid July of the following year.
Подберите эквиваленты:
exact sciences
a licensing training
passing-out examinations/ finals
a vocational and teacher training
профессионально-педагогическое обучение
сдача выпускных экзаменов
лицензионное обучение
точные науки
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: Citizens of Russia have the right to education which is _________ by the Constitution. (to guarantee)
Вставьте подходящий артикль: The GTC publish the Code of Conduct and Practice for Teachers. This code forms _______ basis of the regulatory process of the GTC.
Соедините части предложений
The role of teacher is often formal and ongoing, carried out at a school or
A teacher or schoolteacher is a person who provides education for
The teacher should also be able to deal with students with different
In many countries, a person who wishes to become a teacher
abilities and should also be able to deal with learning disabilities.
pupils (children) and students (adults).
must first obtain specified professional qualifications.
other place of formal education.
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: The main purpose is _________ the aims of education and upbringing. (to define)
Выберите возможные варианты: Some teachers are represented by trade unions, _________ Trade Unions employ solicitors and barristers to comply with the Human Rights legislation affording defendants equal representation to the barristers and solicitors employed by the GTCE.
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: According to the list of educational institutions _________ to the Internet together with secondary schools of general education the access to the Internet was provided to institutions of pre-school and institutions of junior school education, boarding schools, sanitary educational institutions of sanatorium type, children's home, special educational and pedagogical institutions for children and teenagers with deviant behavior, correction schools, boarding schools with elementary flying training, and evening (interchangeable) educational institutions. (connect)
Выберите возможные варианты: A quarter or quadmester system divides the academic year into four terms, roughly 12 weeks each, and generally counts the summer as one of _______.
the terms
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: Pedagogy is the study of _________ a teacher or the process of teaching. (to be)
Выберите возможные варианты: There are various types of schools: general secondary schools, schools specializing in a certain subject, high _________ and lyceums and so on.
One school
Подберите эквиваленты:
to nourish
to take care of
lifelong learning
на протяжении всей жизни
заботиться о
нарушитель порядка
растить, лелеять
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: At present more than 100 thousand educational resources have ________ worked out and published in the Internet, which provides pupils and children with enough quantity of new educational materials. (to be)
Вставьте подходящий предлог: As a result, for two years within the priority national project "Education" the wideband access to the Internet was provided for all institutions _______ general education of the country.
Подберите эквиваленты:
process component
aesthetic development
obligatory education
развивающий компонент
обязательное образование
эстетическое развитие
Подберите эквиваленты:
умения, навыки, практический опыт
Выберите возможные варианты: We need to learn _________ our problems over in our family. If we are able to do it everything will be all right.
to speak
to talk
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: Each child in England at the first school term after their third birthday is entitled to five - three hour sessions per week - in some counties this ________ gone up to 15 hours. This entitlement is funded by the government through the local council. (to have)
Выберите возможные варианты: In most countries, the academic year begins with the start of autumn and _________ during the following summer.
Выберите возможные варианты: Persons, who finish the general secondary school, receive a secondary education certificate, _________ them the right to enter any higher educational establishment.
which gives
Given of
which gave
Выберите возможные варианты: Nowadays children start using computers _________. The electronic universe replaces their contacts with friends and dominates their life completely, that creates mechanical mentality and inhibits their emotional development.
at an early age
very early
at an early
an early ages
Подберите эквиваленты:
to hold contests
to develop tests
passing-out examinations/ finals
проводить конкурсы
разрабатывать тесты
сдача выпускных экзаменов
Выберите возможные варианты: At the middle stage of a secondary school the children learn the basic laws of nature and society at the lessons of history, algebra, literature, physics and many _________.
other ones
Выберите возможные варианты: Teachers' employers are required to tell the GTC when a teacher has been _________ because of misconduct or incompetence or where they resign in circumstances justifying dismissal.
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: Already now schoolchildren are able to fulfill laboratory works on physics, chemistry and biology at home, teachers and pupils will be able at lesson with the help of an interactive board to travel to Russian and foreign museums, children from far settlements have ________ the opportunity to see lectures of the best teachers of the country. (to get)
Подберите эквиваленты:
a dedicated specialty teacher
a specialized secondary or vocational school
class load
a 5-step scale
5-ступенчатая шкала
специальное или профессионально-техническое училище
наполняемость класса
учитель - предметник
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: The public educational system in our country incorporates pre-school, general school, _________ secondary and higher education.(to specialize)
Соедините части предложений
With what kinds of students should
Where can the teachers
A teacher or schoolteacher is a person who provides education for
With whom can the
pupils (children) and students (adults).
teacher interact?
conduct their lessons?
the teacher be able to deal?
Подберите эквиваленты:
умения, навыки, практический опыт
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: Singing and growing plants ________ become an integral part of lifelong learning. (to have)
Подберите эквиваленты:
an essential part of the education process
free of charge
general secondary schools
schools specializing in
неотъемлемая часть образовательного процесса
школы, специализирующие в
обычные средние школы
Подберите эквиваленты:
to dismiss
passing-out examinations/ finals
уйти в отставку, уволиться
сдача выпускных экзаменов
неправильное поведение
Выберите возможные варианты: The most painful part of childhood is adolescence. There is a complete lack of self-confidence _________ this time.
Подберите эквиваленты:
a specialized secondary or vocational school
quality of education
to avoid corruption and arbitrariness
специальное или профессионально-техническое училище
качество образования
избежать коррупции и произвола
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: Playing, activities, experience, and social interaction are now widely accepted as essential aspects of _________ skills and knowledge. (to develop)
Подберите эквиваленты:
an educational establishment
to be established
to acquire the functions
приобретать функции
учебное заведение
быть созданным
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: One of the most actual questions within this direction of the national project is the increase of computer and informative literacy of teachers themselves. At present for them the specialized Federal center of informative educational resources is created, where the best samples of educational programs and methods are _________, which were elaborated within federal and regional target educational programs. (to concentrate)
Подберите эквиваленты:
skills and knowledge
to acquire
нарушитель порядка
навыки и знания
Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме: The realization of the large-scale program on connecting all institutions of general education of Russia to the Internet ________ started in September, 2006. (to be)
Выберите возможные варианты: The GTC regulates all "Registered Teachers", in other words any teacher _________ in maintained (state) schools. The GTC can also regulate teachers who are no longer registered provided misconduct or incompetence occurred when they were registered.
who working
who works
Вставьте нужное возвратное местоимение: Making mistakes the child corrects them by _________. This method is not good because the child can become impersonal to his parents.
Выберите возможные варианты: Adolescents are over conscious of their appearance and the impression they make on _________. They feel shy and awkward. Feelings are intense, easily from tremendous rapture to black despair.
other man
other people
Another matter