ПКОЯз. Английский язык. Домашнее чтение

When Federico and Catherine went out of the coiffeur’s place it was … .
cold and wintry and the wind was blowing
dark and cold
snowing and the wind was blowing
warm and the sun was shining
“to bellow” means
to have a proper or suitable place
to roar with a powerful, reverberating sound, as a bull
to strike with a belt
to turn or be turned from a straight line or from some direction or position
Up the river the … had no been taken; none of the … beyond the river had been taken.
… was young and blushed easily and wore a uniform like the rest of them but with a cross in dark red velvet above the left breast pocket of his gray tunic.
the king
the captain
the major
the priest
“to splash” means
to damage or injure in such a way as to make useless, valueless, etc., destroy
to dash or scatter a liquid substance, mud, etc. on, so as to wet or soil
to eject from within the mouth
to separate, divide or cut into two or more parts
Catherine did not want to get married right away because … .
she wanted to get married only after the war finishes
she did not love Federico
she wanted to see and talk to her parents first
it seemed to her too embarrassing since she was pregnant
“stern” means
drunk; intoxicated
experienced; skilled
hard; severe; unyielding; strict
worthy of praise; laudable
“ to climb”
to rise or ascend gradually to a higher point; mount
to move rapidly
to sail along or near the coast
to make a copy of; imitate
“ sheaf” is
an instrument used in shaving
a light carriage
a collection of things gathered together; bundle, as of papers
a cook in charge of a kitchen, as of a restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Guttingen’s son was studying to be … .
a head-waiter
a doctor
an engineer
a lower
“ steadily” means
constantly; regularly; not changing or faltering
not moving or progressing
After Rinaldi and the major had gone, Federico found that he was …, but went to sleep.
not tired at all
quite drunk
very tired
quite hungry
“gentle” means
refined; generous; kind
sincere or frank; honest
willing to give or share; unselfish
pretty; graceful
“to spark” means
to make or throw off sparks
to utter words with the ordinary voice
to make a speech; deliver an address or lecture
to catch (fish, etc.) with a spear
How did they called the wide hats?
“pebble” is
a small stone worn smooth and round, as by the action of water
a tree of the rose family, with glossy leaves and greenish, brown or reddish fruit
a short period of inaction; temporary stop, break or rest
a paved street or road
Federico was put in the field hospital because … .
he had a jaundice
he had pneumonia
he was wounded
he had a high temperature
“swiftly” means
“to stroke” means
to take apart piece by piece, as for cleaning
to walk in an idle, leisurely manner
to fight violently with an opponent
to draw one’s hand, a tool etc. gently over the surface of, as in caressing or smoothing
The priest and the narrator were talking while the others …
kept silence
The … has wisdom, because he is defeated from the start.
“ to roar” means
to cook something with little or no moisture, as in an oven, over an open fire
to travel from place to place especially with no special plan or purpose
to move or sway back and forth or from side to side
to utter a loud, deep, rumbling sound, as a lion or a person in excitement, pain anger, etc.
“ to grab” means
to do wrong; sin
to bring honour to; dignify
to change gradually; go through a series of stages
to seize and snatch suddenly; take roughly and quickly
Alone Piani was much gentler. When he was with the others he was a very … talker.
The narrator shared the room with the … .
the priest
lieutenant Rinaldi
the captain
the major
Federico did not like Rome because …
it was cold and windy
it was hot and full of fleas
the people there were not friendly to him
his enemy lived there
“to peek in” means
to come into view
to maintain (prices, etc.) at a fixed level
to glance or look quickly and furtively, esp. through an opening or from behind something
to utter a sound or speak in a small, weak voice, as from fear
“exhilaration” is
liveliness; high spirits; stimulation
a philosophical or literary movement
the act of existing; state or fact of being
a public show or display, as of art, industrial products, etc.
“ to tiptoe” means
to become mentally ill
to move or go slowly or feebly
to walk stealthily or cautiously on one’s tiptoes
to withdraw from a position; back down
Catherine and Federico lived … .
in a big hotel in the centre of Montreux
in a brown wooden house in the pine trees on the side of the mountains
in a brown wooden house in the village named Chernex
in a small hotel in the pine trees
Many people had realized the war
that day
that year
that winter
that summer
What happened to Federico ?
he tried to escape but unsuccessfully
he managed to escape from battle police
he wasn’t ordered to be shot, so he could kept on moving with the others
he was shot
“to blaspheme” means
to fire a gun rapidly a number of times
to portray in colors
to curse or revile
to make a loud, harsh sound
“to crackle” means
to surpass others as in quality or quantity
to find fault with; criticize
to make a succession of light, sharp, popping sounds, as of dry wood burning
to eat too much or too quickly
“to fall back”
to withdraw; give way; retreat
to come down from a standing or a sitting position
to become lower in pitch or volume
to come down in ruins; collapse
“ to cuddle” means
to prepare and use (soil or land) for growing crops
to hold lovingly and gently in one’s arms; embrace and fondle
to improve by care, training or study
to reach its highest point or climax
Bonello …
ran home
had decided to be taken prisoner
was retreating together with the others
was killed by Germans
There was fighting in the mountains and at night they could see … .
the glow in the sky
the flashes of lightning
the northern lights
the flashes from the artillery
“to pick on” means
to enclose, shut in or protect with a picket fence or palisade
to express in words or in a phrase
to choose; select
to single out as for abuse or criticism; annoy; tease
Catherine and Federico … .
hated each other inwardly
loved each other and were happy together
only pretended to love each other
were just good friends
Snow did not come until … .
two weeks after Christmas
one day before Christmas
three days before Christmas
“to discourage” means
to go ashore from a ship or leave an aircraft or other means of transportation
to carry on conversation, talk
to rid or relieve of something embarrassing, annoying or perplexing
to deprive of courage, hope or confidence
“to run smth.” means
to be in charge of; manage
to go rapidly
to pursue or follow
to seize, to run or stop operating
The captain advised the narrator to go to … .
“ to scrutinize” means
to laugh loudly and hysterically
to carve or model as a sculptor
to walk without lifting the feet; shuffle
to look at very carefully; examine closely
Catherine wanted to see … when they would come to America.
the Golden Gate
the Woolworth building
the stockyards
the Grand Canyon
“shriek” is
a smoothbore gun, usually used for firing a charge of shot at short range
the distance over which a missile travels
a loud, piercing cry or sound
a stupid, silly or credulous person
“ wintry” means
like wind; stormy, violent, etc.
fantastically foolish; impractical, or extreme
not cultivated or domesticated; wild
of or like winter; cold; bleak, etc.
The killing of … came suddenly and unreasonably .
It is in … that we become Christian.